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Yet another Kubernetes Engine

The Installer & Lifecycle Management Tool for Gardener

YAKE Overview

Easy Bootstrapping

YAKE was designed to get you up and running with your self hosted Gardener installation as quick as possible. Our helper scripts help you templating a basic configuration within minutes.

Declarative Configuration

The GitOps-driven workflow enables a declarative configuration of your Gardener installation. This helps the operator to precisely track changes in the environment, and documents parts of the operations.

Easy Updates

With our upgrade guides, staying up-to-date becomes a simple background task and your Gardener installation will always be equipped with the newest features.

A project by ALASCA

In January 2024, YAKE found its new home at ALASCA - a non-profit organisation for the (further) development of operational, open cloud infrastructures. ALASCA's mission revolves around the further development and provision of open source tools that not only enable but also facilitate the development and operation of customised cloud infrastructures.

In addition to the practical development work on these projects, ALASCA also sees itself as a provider of knowledge on these topics - not only within the organisation, but also to the outside world, for example in the form of the ALASCA Tech Talks.

With a strong, motivated community and the combined expertise of its members, ALASCA is driving forward digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe in the long term - also in collaboration with other open source initiatives and communities in the digital sector.