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Version: 1.98.x


Which Gardener version do I get with YAKE?

We keep the pace of the Gardener upstream and release new Gardener versions with YAKE as soon as possible. This enables YAKE users the keep their installation up-to-date, and get the experience of new features in a two week rhythm.

Can I migrate from my garden-setup-based installation to YAKE?

Yes, this is possible. Most probably our support is required but we are happy to help in these kind of scenarios.

Will YAKE support the Gardener operator at some day?

Most likely, yes. As of writing this, there are no clear plans to integrate the Gardener operator into YAKE, as this would introduce a complex migration path. However, we are always willing to improve YAKE and once the time is ready, the Gardener operator will be introduced to manage the garden in YAKE.